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12/12/12 The Master Shift: Global Meditation

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For those of you who know me well, this is not a surprise, but, for those who don’t, it might come as a bit of a surprise; I meditate, daily, and would say that it is easily the best thing I’ve ever done for myself and others, ever. Not only has it inspired my ability to deal with any situation, no matter the circumstance, but it has instilled a compassionate confidence in me that I always knew I had but never found.

I’m not going to say it was easy, at first, but we’ve all been taught, as lacrosse players, to work hard and, sometimes, that means we are really hard on ourselves. The two can be mutually exclusive: we can work really hard at something without being hard on ourselves; what I mean by hard on ourselves in our guilt and insults directed towards ourselves when we do not meet some expectation that we have in our thoughts. In meditation, the more you ‘try’ to be better, the harder it becomes.

From a young age, I always knew there was more, that there was something I didn’t know, but wanted to know, inherently. I really believe the one thing that’s enabled me to get closer to finding out the true meaning or feeling of happiness is the ability to not care about what people think. As you begin to understand that we are all here to do one thing, and that is be happy, then you can not worry about what people think; another way to look at it, which is totally not from my thoughts, but something I truly believe in, is that judgment is like a mirror: when someone passes judgment on you, they are merely reflecting some part of themselves that they do not like. This works in reverse when you are judging others, too.

Meditation allows you to be yourself, to yourself, and, as it progresses, to allow other people to be themselves. This can also apply to the performance you allow yourself to create, including your athletic performance.

Go on and Google “meditation professional athletes” and you will find a multitude of articles, from both well renowned sources and those less so, that exemplify the power of being able to have absolute focus and concentration. I’d go so far as to say when a player is “in the zone”, they are, in essence, meditating, or, just there, doing their thing and doing nothing else, mentally or physically.

One of the reasons for this post is that I believe we can all do really big, beautiful things if we all work together. Some of you make think this is crazy, or are just not sure, or maybe flat out awesome; either which way, here goes:

Yeah, the 2nd part of the video is, admittedly, kind of cheesy, but I believe in the idea. If you know anything about how intention affects surroundings, which can be proved anecdotally to yourself and has been shown to have correlation in scientific studies, then you’ll be able to be open to power in numbers.

Feel free to join! I’ll be there.

Also, stay tuned for a video update later this evening on Zen, Lacrosse and the Art of Stringing - believe in yourself, you can know more about your game and your pocket; this is something imperative to learn if you want to be a self-sustaining lacrosse player. I’ve now received some amazing support from people of all kinds and geographies: MLL players, LXM players, coaches in the US and Canada, players from the US and abroad; thanks so much to all of them and their belief in the power that knowing about your own pocket can ignite in you.