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Casertano and Dionne are D1 attackmen

0 - Published December 6, 2012 by in Interviews

These two guys are Division 1 attackman playing at the highest level of NCAA lacrosse. Josh literally has a highlight video dedicated to him and him alone. Both of these guys understand the importance of knowing about your pocket; lacrosse players have been left in the dark too long as the stringing process has become clandestine and elitist.

It’s about time that lacrosse players know that knowing about your pocket is not only for stringing experts or ‘stick doctors’, but this is something that every player can comprehend; personally, I would even go as far as saying it is a travesty in our sport (the lack of importance placed on this compared to how important it is) and will continue to be so until lacrosse players empower themselves.

I’m here to help; these guys are here to encourage your growth, and, perhaps, help you play on the big stage like them one day…

Dionne on stringing:

Dionne using the pocket he knows so well:

Casertano on his pocket:

Check out Casertano putting it to use at 3:44 and 3:55 (goal then an assist):

**please note that due to NCAA compliance, these videos are not in direct support of Zen, Lacrosse and the Art of Stringing.