Coincidence? Perhaps. #pics #traditional

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Coach Ryan Garling is a Laker’s fan; hey – no throwing tomatoes, he’s still a person! An excellent person at that. Ryan was so psyched to pick up this head for a specific purpose, and I definitely kept him on the edge of his seat; Ryan volunteers his coaching knowledge up in the Bronx starting tomorrow, for CityLax (check ‘em out if you’re in the city and want to grow the game), and couldn’t wait to rock out this Laker’s old school Edge.

Perhaps Kobe surpassing 30 grand worth of points inspired it, or maybe it was reminiscing Phil Jackson’s zen coaching style, but mostly it was that I knew big daddy Garling (a fellow of coach of mine for Doc’s NYC Youth Lax) would love it!

The amount of joy that stringing a nice traditional pockets brings, knowing that you’re forming every little part of the pocket, is awesome. Check out my project page; I am offering a traditional course! (It might seem steep, but I am coming to you, and a knowing how to string a well done traditional pocket is something less than 1% {willing to debate?} of lacrosse players knows how to do and can grab a pretty penny if you can do it to meet other’s needs {$40-50+}.

6/7 diamonds with a mid-high soft release.

Ball should end up sitting on the bottom shooter. Top 2 shooters are tighter, with the top being tightest.

I may end up moving the shooting strings up a tiny bit, but as long as I keep that bottom one nice and loose, then the pocket should form up into it.

I get criticized sometimes for crossing my crosslace in the back, but I say form over function, and I want to guarantee they don’t cross in the front. I know there is a way for both (thanks Connor!), but, now, it’s become more stylistic for me.