Unless you've got Jim Brown thighs, your pocket matters.

Details of a Stringing Workshop

11 - Published January 9, 2013 by in College, High School, String Jobs, Youth

A ZLAS stringing workshop is less about the actual stringing of the pocket than the formulation of new ideas through learning, conceptually, what a pocket is all about and what that means to you. Does this mean that you’re not stringing a pocket 90% of the class? Heck no! This just means that, although you’re engaged in the technical aspect of stringing for the majority of the session and not just listening to me lecture, your mind is working on levels of creativity in relation to your pocket and game that it may not have otherwise considered.

Here is a typical workshop schedule:

10 minutes Personal and Pocket Intro

15 minutes Topstring

90 minutes Sidewalls

05 minutes Bottom String

15 minutes Shooting Strings

15 minutes Finishing Up and Outro

Every player will leave with a strung lacrosse head, the knowledge to tweak that pocket and to string a pocket from scratch. Throughout the entire workshop, students will have access to a number of stringers, young and old, that will be able to assist them and give some personal insight into what they like and why; we also encourage the sharing of ideas back with the instructors as well as with other players.

Unless you’ve got Jim Brown thighs, your pocket matters.


I’ve said it a hundred times, and I’ll say it at least another hundred before this season is over: no matter if you never string again after learning how to do it, you will still be at least doubly more informed about what a pocket is and how it relates to your game and motion, which would undoubtedly produce better performance after figuring out the right pocket for you. Next time you see a big-time HS, College or Pro player, make sure to ask them if having a pocket that works to their playing style is important to them; I bet the answer would be yes.

Stringing workshops are now available for registration in Maryland, Virginia, Texas, New York, Atlanta, New Jersey and California, and also need help with stringing instructors. Do you string? Send me an email and we can chat.

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