Destruction of love.

Doomsday: The Destruction of Love

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For some reason, after a while, the use of grammar to effect how a sentence reads and relates has fascinated me, but phrases with double meanings really take the cake, as they can be models for perception.

The destruction of love could refer to love being destroyed, but, conversely, it could refer to the destroying that love does. So, with doomsday quickly approaching, I’d like to express my humble opinion on what some are calling a global shift in consciousness or ‘the end of the world’ (add ‘as we know it’ and that would be more accurate I think) through this double meaning phrase.

Destruction of Love: Leading Up To The Winter Solstice 2012

I won’t spend too long on this first part, where we have seemingly fostered an era that has destroyed love for the prosperity of a few. There is no need to point out the state of all these things we are a part of; I only need to list them, as you know deep down the current state of them all, and, mostly, it’s not very pretty: oceans, rainforests, economy, health of humans and animals, foreign relations, domestic relations, politics, energy, regulators, pharmaceuticals…and the list doesn’t end – it extends to all things.

Destruction of Love: A New Beginning Starts With You

This is where we can use love as the destroyer. When it is present, love can destroy biased thought, negativity and judgment. As we start a new year in a few weeks, the time is now for love and the truth its power creates; the funny thing about truth, when coming from a place of love, is that is easily shows how all beings are very similar – we are all looking for the same thing: happiness. Saying that, the only way we can truly let our love shine out to others is by first loving ourselves, accepting ourselves as we are in this moment and celebrating it with good vibrations; once this happens inside of you, there is no stopping its pervasiveness.

I’m ready for it, excited about it and riding its wave; ‘the mind that perceives limitation is the limitation.’

With less than 24 hours remaining in Zen, Lacrosse and the Art of StringingI’ll be announcing where I am traveling this spring and opening registrations shortly thereafter. Thank you all for reading my words this fall; I really appreciate the support, and there is more to come!