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The funny thing about fun is how you can find it in the smallest places, or the largest, depending on your frame of mind in that moment. Fun, as a word, is an interesting one; how can you describe fun except through your own mind? Why are some things fun and some are not?


First of all, what would be the point of doing anything without having fun? Laundry – have fun. Taking out the trash – have fun. Walking to the corner store – have fun. Of course, this is a simple thing to say, while actually doing this (and really having fun) is another story. I think I’ve found a way to explain it in a relatable way: video games.

While no one would ever say, “I am going to play this video game and it is going to be no fun at all,” someone could easily say, “I am going to go to work and it is going to be no fun at all” without much reaction from the listener. We’ve framed video games to be a source of fun and work not to be, generally;  what about when you are doing something that you had initially deemed as fun but are not having fun? This seems like the best way to explain how fun is a creation of our own thoughts and how, ultimately, having fun leads to better performance.

Ronny, you’re so much better when you’re having fun! And not flopping…

I love FIFA and Pro Evolution soccer video games; like, I love them. Two nights ago, while sat down on my couch playing against my buddy, I was getting crushed; he beat me 4 out of 5 games. I’ll admit it: I was getting in my own head and not having fun. Now, here is something that I LOVE doing and I’m not having fun; what’s the deal, yo?

The conclusion I’ve come to: FUN COMES FIRST! After just telling myself, “Have fun and think less; this is why you’re doing this,” I not only started playing much better, and, even when something happened that didn’t go my way (goal scored or even losing), it didn’t affect my fun, because I was coming from a place of fun. One thing to note here, which is applicable to why lacrosse players should be reading a blog (to think and learn), is that, by having fun, you’re actually finding the most natural way for you to improve; improvement comes from knowledge, action and fun – the holy trinity of gettin’ better.

So, if you’re not having fun, it’s because you’re not seeing it as fun, not because it is not fun. Go ahead, try it.