Happy birthday, to me, by me & a history of #zenlax

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Not many of you know, but it was my birthday yesterday; I just turned 29 years of age. I spent a majority of Sunday and yesterday just relaxing, seeing a couple friends and, perhaps most importantly to me, deciding what I should give myself for my birthday. I’ve decided that, now, the best present I could ever receive is in the form of a change of habit, given to me, by me. So, although I maintain a relatively healthy lifestyle, I have decided to put more focus on all parts of it, mental, physical and spiritual; sometimes, making decisions about what you think may be the best way forward, for you, doesn’t exactly line up with how your life used to be. Oh well, I’ll deal.

Think of all the habitual things you do now, that you never did before, then think about the habitual things you used to do, but don’t do now. Isn’t it crazy? Isn’t it almost unfathomable as to how we come to where we are? I am inclined to believe that if we truly analyze our behavior, in reflection, we can really figure out a lot of things about ourselves and our fears of letting go.

On the topic of reflection, here’s a quick rundown of what I’ve done over the past month or so with LaxAllStars on the Zen, Lacrosse and the Art of Stringing blog. In general, I hope my style of writing incites some personal inquiry; we all prescribe our own medicine, when it comes down to it, including our choice to imbibe certain knowledge, and I encourage all to begin to find themselves through my writing, not just remember facts or learn about me – knowing yourself is the true game.

Preparedness through Awareness: this post focuses on being aware at all times, so you can be a better asset to yourself and teammates.

My Pocket: Mesh Edition: this post is all about why I choose the pocket I do and the factors that come into play – passing, shooting, team, etc.

Hello, And Thank You: this post is my introduction to LAS, and a brief description of why I am here writing for LAS.

Energy and Habits: this post talks of how energy can be transferred into your surroundings and how knowing why can help break habits.

The Medium: this post is about how conveying a message in the proper way for your audience can be a more effective way of communicating.

The Great ‘Custom’ Pocket Debate: this post talks about the downfall of our current lacrosse pocket stringing process, and what ‘custom’ really means.

Project Update #1: The Theme is Free: this post introduces the “Team in Need” reward (now has enough participation for Eagle Academy – which is awesome!) and also offers up some free stringing consultations, based on my new pocket stringing ordering philosophy – no one took me up on this.

Duke’s Josh Dionne Talks Pocket & Learning + Video: this post has a video recap of a long Skype convo with Dionne, plus a bit of commentary from me and pics of Josh Dionne’s head.

The Fear of Stringing: the most important of all my posts, in my eyes, because I truly believe that the thing you reject most is what you most need to explore; stringing and understanding your pocket has been rejected by many players, much to their own detriment.

Fun?: this post talks about the simple concept of fun, where it comes from and how it’s created in your life.

The Finisher: a #zenlax poem about ‘the finisher.’

Create More, and Better: this post is about creation vs. reaction and how you can create better opportunities for you and your teammates.

Teaching 6v6: Optimal Concept Size: in this post, I take a stab at finding the optimal concept size for teaching 6v6 without actually playing 6v6, and justify why with rationales.

Max Seibald Speaks…: Max Seibald endorses Zen, Lacrosse and the Art of Stringing in this post.

Casertano and Dionne are D1 Attackmen: this post shows how these guys, who are at the highest level of NCAA lacrosse competition, still appreciate what it means to know about your pocket and how positively it can affect your game.

12/12/12 The Master Shift: Global Meditation: this post is about a global meditation for the advancement of oneness, love and connection of all beings on this earth; the guided meditation for our hemisphere is tomorrow night at 9:30 PM EST.

Project Update #3: Video: this post gives a quick update on Zen, Lacrosse and the Art of Stringing plus a few comments.

Coincidence? Perhaps: Pics of a LA Lakers inspired Edge for another Docs/CityLax coach – mention of both organizations in the post.

Invaluable 1 to 1, Trilogy Fundraiser, 11 Days Remain: this post talks about how 1 to 1 interaction between teacher and learner can be invaluable and the Trilogy Stick It To Sandy Fundraiser that I was involved in.

Upon reflection, I do believe that I have put my truest emphasis on pointing our truths so that people can better themselves, which, hopefully, in turn, will help them be better lacrosse players too. Although many of these posts are targeted towards different lacrosse demographics, none of them lack my undying belief in asking why and knowing the true nature of things.

So, with 10 days remaining on book fundraiser, I implore you to take a look at these posts and consider the type of product I would be producing; also, only until 12/21 is the one-of-a-kind letterpressed, hand-bound book available (after 12/21 it will be regular cover and binding). My biggest goal with Zen, Lacrosse and the Art of Stringing is to bring power back to the individual and show that something, which has been deemed as infinitely complex and only for ‘stringers’ whose ability to comprehend such things as pockets is greater than the average man, can be totally comprehendible by all, with the right type of teachings.

And, guess what? I had a 2.7 GPA when I graduated from Mary Washington; I’ve also strung sticks for guys who went to Princeton, Duke, Virginia and many other colleges that are considered academically superior to Mary Washington – so, my question is, who is smarter? Based on institution, they are, but, based on knowing about pockets, I am. Doesn’t that make you think that it might not be about YOU and your personal ability, but what you’ve been taught? (PS – I don’t think anyone is technically smarter than anyone else, we just have different forms of measurement to apply)