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I need your help! 3 days remain.

7 - Published December 18, 2012 by in Uncategorized

With 3 days remaining, I am asking the LaxAllStars and lacrosse community’s help in a few ways in the final stages of the Zen, Lacrosse and the Art of Stringing fundraiser:

  1. Please take the poll on my Facebook page; this will be a strong determining factor in where I go this spring. I plan on using most of the money I raise by this Friday for my travel costs; I plan on setting up two mesh workshops and one traditional workshop for each location. Right now, Manchester, San Francisco and Atlanta top the list.
  2. If you believe in my mission to empowering players, encouraging confidence and self-growth, teaching with ‘why’ explanations and helping as many people as I can, please, please, please share around my project during these last 3 days.
  3. Contribute: buy a $20 DVD or a $15 book or give just $5; all of the money will be going towards either the production of the book, traveling to different locations to help people learn to string, fulfilling the Team in Need free workshop/clinic/heads and one personal mesh/traditional consultation.
  4. Learn to string! The quickest way to do this in a comprehensive way is to either learn from someone who knows how to string well, take a workshop this spring from me or buy the DVD (it is the most comprehensive of a single resource that you will ever find about stringing lacrosse sticks to date). Learning to string will not only improve your knowledge of yourself and your game, but you’ll be a great resource to teammates for stringing and other stringers for exchange of knowledge.

One, all or any of these will be beneficial and I personally thank all of you in advance who will do this, and thank those who have already done one of these. You’re all blessed in one way or another; I hope you’ll find out soon that my intentions are for helping people feel confident in themselves and be better lacrosse players and people.