Lax Convention Intention to Action

1 - Published January 14, 2013 by in College, High School, Interviews

The lacrosse convention, for both first timers and vets, is a place where lots of lacrosse minds come together to share their vision. Those who speak as a part of the instructional coaching or referee clinics envision a world with better coaches and better referees, and are there doing their part to serve the game. Different businesses in the vendor village were there to push their products and services, which is always fun to see. People were there to speak lacrosse and life.

The influx of non-US lacrosse buzz was awesome to see and prevalent; they want to learn and grow! Let’s help them any way we can; just think about how much lacrosse has meant to you if you’ve played or coached for a number of years. I was offered a free place to stay in Costa Rica as long as I want in exchange for teaching their players how to string, and I’m seriously considering it; the generosity and thirst for knowledge is everywhere when you seek the same. Lacrosse the Nations, Jamaica Lacrosse, Ireland Lacrosse and many, many more were there to represent their country and the sport of lacrosse.

While I didn’t end up going to any of the instructional events, other than the STX stringing workshop for a bit, which, to me, lacked a lot of the conceptual relation back to how a pocket effects the actual playing of lacrosse, which solidifies the learning process by telling the “why” of every string and its purpose; either way, at least some more people are hopefully stringing and interested in the benefit of that knowledge.

Overall, the vibe of the convention was great and people were really excited to be there. The most amazing part of this convention is all the positive intention put behind most individuals and companies ideas, barring a few people who are out there to make a buck above all; I think most people can see through that in a short time.

So, the challenge, after the lax convention idea-sharing bonanza, is putting these amazing ideas and intentions into action. Cards are passed, words are shared and laughs are had about how to work together or see each other in the future, based on work or mutual agreement on lacrosse or just straight-up new friendships (which I would hope all business partners would consider each other), but you know a connection was real and serious when people start putting words to paper and action. I really believe this is all behind the intention of your interaction and your belief in it; with great intention comes great energy to put words into action for the good of all people.

If you were one of the blessed people to meet someone who shared a spark with you, I implore you to keep the good energy alive with that person, even if you don’t recall every little, last thing that you spoke about, to put your positive intentions together to create positive action for the sport.

Other convention insights worth noting for me:

Look someone in the eye and listen to what they really need and are feeling before responding; the interaction will be one of mutual love and respect.

Don’t do a 360 slam dunk on concrete floors with wooden sole shoes on unless you want a black eye and slight concussion; I know from experience.

Coaches from less prevalent areas seemed to be really interested in teaching their community to string, which is definitely indicative of their lacrosse culture not trained to do things as they have before, since they are so new to it all (Nebraska, George, Montana, Minnesota, etc.). Psyched to serve them with workshops!