NCAA Division 1 Poll: Useless Now?

0 - Published March 25, 2013 by in College

From the few games I’ve watched this year, plus the Monday morning “upset” posts, I get the feeling that almost anybody can beat almost anybody, so what’s the point of harping over the polls and upsets each and every Monday morning?

Maybe it’s that our culture loves the drama, especially sports drama, which is more prevalent than shows like Girls, yet hidden under the guise of ‘being totally up to date on your team’s moves’, which, for some, is something to be proud of and to gab about incessantly?

Something about that last question makes me feel like I am chopping down the tree I’m sitting in – oh well – it’s getting to the point where we’ve been so built up to expect something (polls) that is seems like news when what we expected didn’t happen. But, at this point in college lacrosse, expectations should be thrown out the window, as polls are becoming a waste of digital paper; every top 20 team can beat each other.

Everyone who plays lacrosse knows there is something very special about the game; knowing how special varies, but knowing that there is something different about this game is inherent. From match ups, both in a team and individual perspective, to weather, to who’s hot any given day, college lacrosse teams have so many variables at play: each of which can have enormous affect on the outcome of a game.

At this point in the NCAA 2013 season, it seems as if each team has an advantage, in their own way, in regards to the factors that win games. Some are easier to explain than others, but I’d be hard pressed to think that any team is far and ahead the best team, given the scores, nature of lacrosse as a game, and overall rise in talent. Therefore, the top 20 polls  have been rendered pretty much useless, besides, of course, the use of its reference in your daily lax water cooler gossip.