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On The Road: Stringing, Learning, Growing

0 - Published June 28, 2013 by in String Jobs

Checking in from Hot Springs, Arkansas, on our way from Memphis, Tennessee, and now we’re on our way to Austin, Texas. As Greg has been doing the driving, I’ve been stringing up a couple of traditional pockets and I wanted to share some insight on how I’ve progressed and how my perspective has changed since my first traditional.

Every time I am stringing a stick on this road trip, I am also probably taking it apart at least 5 times because of the tension points in my stringing. They were right, but in all the wrong places. Sure, the interlocks were right but my diamond sizes were inconsistent. I made sure to pay more attention this time around.

billy nguyen pita pocket

This is a pita pocket that was strung on a evolution X using a 2 twist center track and removable top string. Only difference here is that the pocket is symmetrical so I found this a little easier to string.

traditional stick

Next we have a Proton Power strung with a 6/7 diamond traditional.

traditional stick billy

And last I re-strung Greg’s Cyber Pro and gave it a classic 5 diamond traditional which should have a good amount of hold once it’s broken in.

Need help breaking in your pocket? We’ll have a short video with some help from Greg Rose coming soon!

I’m really starting to enjoy traditional, am I ever going back to mesh? I don’t know, the feel is just completely different and so true. Not that I don’t appreciate mesh, but traditional is just something I could appreciate more because of the time put in to string one and the love/hate break-in process and maintenance.

Last night in Memphis, Greg and I were talking about stick shift driving vs automatic. As I was learning how to drive stick, I’ve realized that my initial thought of driving stick was the same as my initial reaction to using and stringing traditional. It’s not about being afraid of how hard it is to do something, its all about finding what works for you and trying something new. Sure, I stalled a bunch of times learning but it was worth it.

I took time to learn how to feel and connect with the car. It just felt pure when I got it right. It was worth the effort. I won’t not use mesh anymore because it’s easier, like automatic driving, but I’ll prefer the extra effort for a true feel from stick shift and traditional any day. I may or may not make a couple mistakes in the process but I’m alright with that because I know that it will be worth it if I put in the extra effort.

Take your time with it and #stringyourown


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