Thanks to the "Team In Need" reward contributors, Eagle Academy, Brooklyn NY, will be the first to receive the reward.

Project Update #1: The Theme is Free!

0 - Published November 16, 2012 by in High School, Stick Tech

37 fantastic folks have backed this project to an amount of $3,215, out of the $20,000 –  and that is 15% of the way there! Thanks again to everyone who claimed a reward and helped fund a foreseeably timeless book and journey; as long as kids are still learning about who they are as players, and players are still playing with pockets that need to be strung, this book will remain extremely relevant.

Team In Need Free Workshop (70% there!):

Eagle Academy in Brooklyn is one of the many lacrosse programs in desperate need of lacrosse education, equipment and overall funding. Thanks to friends and supporters in the lacrosse community, we are now 70% of the way there for a workshop, clinic, brand new Under Armour head, mesh kit and printed copy of Zen, Lacrosse and the Art of Stringing - at no charge to them; again, thanks to some wonderful people!

Thanks to the “Team In Need” contributors, Eagle Academy, Brooklyn, will be first to receive the reward.

Although this reward is not free for those who contribute, the fact that it provides real value, for free, to a program like Eagle Academy, is amazing. Saying that, what this also means is the we will be sending an Invite+1 to those who contribute to a self-dubbed “Zen-Style” Kick Off Party at the loft-inspired offices of Trilogy Lacrosse in DUMBO.

Free Pocket Consultation and Stringing

Of the 252 views of my last post, The Great ‘Custom’ Pocket Debate, it seems as if not many have noted the free pocket consultation and stringing at the bottom of the post, in the fashion I suggest is the best way to really create a custom pocket, by learning about who the player is, his motions, and what he does most on the field. Saying that, I did not offer up any more details about how you’d be selected, which I will do here:

  1. Please add a post to our Facebook page with these details: 1. Position (1 word) 2. What Your Current Pocket Does Best (2 sentences) 3. What Your Current Pocket Does Worst (2 sentences) 4. Why You Think Understanding Your Pocket Is Important (2 sentences)
  2. Next Friday, 11/23, the minds of LaxAllStars will come together and make a decision on who wins. NOTE: getting “Likes” on your post from friends will help your cause!

We will choose the best 10 responses to the questions above, then all you have to do is upload a quick video and written explanation of you as a player, and send me your head, then I’ll have it turned around as quick as can be!

Josh Dionne Blowing Up LaxAllStars

I hope you haven’t had enough of the stringing mind of Dionne, and, after seeing this sweet sweet Lax post, I am have to say I am excited to work with him. Josh and another Dukie, Kyle Keenan, just shipped me their current heads for inspection and discussion as part of my above offer (stay tuned), then I am going to cut the pockets out and string them up some traditional that will play like their mesh ones – hopefully, even better!