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Shooting Revolution: Video Review! 1st of Series.

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I spent a couple nights watching the new video from my partner on Stringing RevolutionSeth Blaustein, so I could give an honest and accurate review of the video; it is about shooting and called Shooting RevolutionThis video series was made prior to us working together, and Seth knows as much as the next guy that I’ll shoot everyone straight about the ups, downs and not sures of this video series. So, here goes:


  • Production Value and Service: the production value of this video series is much higher than many of the lacrosse videos out to date, as Seth is a professional videographer and editor, so knows his way around a camera and computer. The streaming service is a unique way for folks to view on their computer or tablet, especially since we have internet almost everywhere.
  • Why, why, and more why: this is, hands-down, the reason that Seth and I collaborated on Stringing Revolution - we both want to know the truth, why something happens a certain way and how, as an individual, we can affect that outcome. Shooting Revolution tells players why they should take certain shots with specificity, using mathematical and situational references. For this reason alone, I would and do recommend this video series.
  • Sense: in addition to suppling players with why they should shoot in a certain way to improve performance, there is an air of sensibility that rings throughout, which I think players will relate to.
  • Explanations of the Inherent: some players are simply ‘good shooters’ without even knowing that they are; they just do everything right! Shooting Revolution does a great job of pointing out the small things that ‘good shooters’ do inherently, so everyone can note and practice the things that don’t come naturally to them.
  • A Way of Thinking: lastly, this type of thinking is what is going to get you to the next level. “Be curious. Read widely. Try new things. I think a lot of what people call intelligence just boils down to curiosity.”
  • Drills: available to download are drills to do to accompany the learning.

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  • Assumptions on Taking a Shot: I don’t think it is stated clearly enough that a player must be in a good place to shoot, for their age, strength, etc., and, if they don’t take the shot from a good place, it has a lesser chance of going in, overall. I would have just called this out a little more, like, “For time and room shots, make sure you are an a distance that is appropriate for how fast you shoot. If you are 10 years old and shoot 55 mph, then don’t take a 16 yard shot; shoot in your range.”
  • No Physical DVD: while I put the streaming service as a Pro, too, I still think having an actually DVD is nice for some folks. Not that it is even necessary more convenient, but people like to have something that they can hold onto.
  • Crossover Step: I had to mention this. On the part about time and room shooting, one thing that isn’t stressed that much is your legs and their wind up. There is good focus on what you’re trying to achieve, but it doesn’t mention the difference between a hop skip and a crossover step in the wind up.
  • American Style of Shooting: this video is definitely shaded towards to an American style of shooting, which is really neither good nor bad, but some of the motions would be disagreed on by certain players.
  • Bounce Shot Logic: I don’t know if I thoroughly agree with the bounce shot logic, but I like that it was thought about in this way.
  • Shaky Math: it’s not that the math is necessarily wrong, but it is about the assumptions made, that, for some, are easy to pass by, but will be annoying to others. Don’t get caught up on grinding the numbers and that the ‘control’ factors might not have been mentioned, as all the inferences and conclusions made do have significance and will help you shoot and think better.

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Not Sure

  • Lax Bro Jokes: knowing Seth, I can almost feel his pain, or the hilarity, or the amazingness (mostly amazingness) of his lax bro jokes and references. I might watch it over, just for those.

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Having watched a few shooting DVDs in my day, I can say recommend this to any player who wants to learn how to think as a shooter, along side Millon’s classic Offensive Wizardry, and I plan to do exactly that with the 8th grade offensive players that I coach in NYC. I think it could help break some bad habits, and, through a better understanding of why shooting a certain way is more effective, could help create some good, new ones.

Get it streaming, here!


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