Pita beginnings #stringyourown

Sometimes to widen your range, you need to roll with it.

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Eyed some trades, but ended up sticking with the Ranger.

NOTE: for this post, Billy acted as writer and Greg as editor.

We’re on the road! It’s all starting to feel so real; organic snacks and organic lacrosse talk are great ways to start this journey. The first workshop is on Friday in Dallas, Texas, and we spent the whole day rollin’ through the hills of North Carolina in a black Ford Ranger. North Carolina certainly looks a lot different from the Bronx with all of its beautiful hills and scenery, so I’m soaking it all in and widening my range – similar to how in lacrosse we often have to break out of our comfort zones and just do that one thing that we know we are uncomfortable with.

This one really was tempting.

This one really was tempting.

Here is a tip from Greg Rose on how you can widen your range by simply just rollin’ with it:

[youtube id=”jV-JdGs0Nxk” width=”450″ height=”260″]

Checking in:

We also visited Top Left Lacrosse in South Carolina on the way to Georgia to crash at my cousins place. We dropped off a copy of Stringing Revolution for our buddy, Greg Williams, who is the store manager there, and he was stoked about checking it out and learning a thing or 2 from the DVD. As we’ve been getting a bit of exercise (and fun) between stops playing hacking sack, it was only right that we did so outside of Top Left Lacrosse, in the parking lot. To our surprise, we were joined by a man holding 3 hacky sacks, and juggling them. He played for a bit and went along his way – that’s some southern hospitality.


#stringyourown #crosscountrystring

As we left South Carolina, I begin stringing a pita pocket in the car while we head over to my cousins house.


Vietnamese noodles…everywhere.

When we got here, we were welcomed with a vegetarian meal and a very vietnamese ambiance. We are currently in Lawrenceville, Georgia and headed to Memphis tomorrow, and we will check back in then – see ya then! Stay tuned and #stringyourown.



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