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Teaching 6v6: Optimal Concept Size.

2 - Published December 4, 2012 by in Uncategorized

Games inside of games inside of games inside of games – this is lacrosse. Transition is a perfect example of how a smaller game is created through a mistake or opportunity created; you can end up in any number of scenarios. With that said, it doesn’t happen as often as we’d like and 6v6 is still how each team spends the majority of their time; teaching 6v6 in totality is harder, especially for younger players, so what is the optimal concept size for teaching 6v6, without actually doing 6v6?

It’s easier to come at this from a defense perspective, because there are more specific roles that we can define. On defense, we have a man who is playing the ball, a hot/1 slide, a warm/2 slide and a cold/3 slide, then the other 2 players are basically pinching and trying to shut down passing lanes. So, you’ll see there are 4 easily definable positions on defense, while offense is less specific; players just have tendencies more so than definable positions.

Here’s a quick video explanation of why I believe 4v4 to be the optimal concept size for teaching both defense and offense:

I could go into a large number of scenarios that you might encounter during a 4v4 concept drill, but I’d rather allow you to explore the different kinds of plays you can create from both a defensive and offensive perspective with a 4v4. To give a couple quick examples to spur the creativity, the offense can do very simple things such as dodging to shoot or feeding the crease, but, those offenders with the wherewithal to use their other teammates well, could certainly do more complex plays. The same applies to the defense; they could simply slide and recover, or, get advanced, and add in a few shutoffs or adjacent slides.

As an offensive player by trade, and heart, I noted one thing at the end of the video that will not only get you in better shape and keep your brain cranking, but will be confusing and annoying to any defense – you’ll be instantly better, guaranteed.

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