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The Fear Of Stringing

0 - Published November 26, 2012 by in Stick Tech, String Jobs

I’m just going to come out and say it: the majority of the lacrosse population is afraid of their own pocket. Does mommy spoon feed you still or can you pour yourself a bowl of cereal? You became enough of a qualified human being to grab a bowl, cereal, some sort of milk product and a spoon, then put it all together for a delicious snack or meal – wow, look at you!

Before cereal was a simple task, it was a hard one. Before throwing with your opposite hand became easy, it was hard. Before I knew how to string a stick, I didn’t know. That is how learning works, and, usually, the thing you are refusing in your mind is the thing you should be paying the most attention to.

I’ve said it many times, and I’ll say it again: the lack of importance placed, by the lacrosse community, including, but not limited to, businesses, coaches, ourselves, parents and teammates, on players’ knowing how they like their pocket, what a pocket is, and the basic fundamentals of how a pocket works is an absolute travesty.

Why is this the case?

Almost the entire lacrosse universe has built stringing up to be something only a “stick doctor” or “stick wizard” can understand. I am here to tell you that IS NOT the case. If we all still used traditional, it might be, but the majority of players use mesh. A mesh pocket, generally, has only 8 components: 1top string, 2 sidewall strings, 1 piece of mesh, 1 bottom string and 3 shooting strings; think about how many things you can fully comprehend that have 8 components – I mean, cereal has 4 and you can all probably do that.

For the past 2 years, I’ve taught hundreds of players how to string their sticks; after only 2 and a half hours, every single one of them now knows how a pocket is constructed and the things to look for in a good pocket for them. If I told you that you could fully understand something that has been deemed unattainable by most of your peers in less than 3 hours, for $20, and, by learning this, you could comprehend how to progress as a player along with your pocket, wouldn’t you want to do it?

Please, feel free to reject this notion, but ask any lacrosse player who is anything more than an oaf with a metal stick if they treat their pocket with respect? If they know when it needs some love, and if they appreciate that their pocket is unique? We are all our own unique beings, why would we let ourselves become a round lacrosse playing peg that is shoved into a square lacrosse pocket hole?

The intention behind founding Rose School of Stringing, shooting the Stringing Revolution DVD, and writing Zen, Lacrosse and the Art of Stringing is nothing else except to show you that YOU ARE NOT POWERLESS; YOU CONTROL YOUR OWN DESTINY!

Are you ready to seize your power and control your destiny? This, I cannot answer, but I’ll continue to put all my effort and being into bringing awareness to this very attainable, yet gravely under-appreciated, knowledge, which has been blown out of proportion through fear and mental roadblocks, until someone can prove to me that it’s not important.

Connor’s previous Hot Pot post, Is Fear Your Best Friend?, inspired this post; my answer to that question? Fear is only your best friend when you can look that best friend in the eye, without judgment, and say, “Thank you for showing me the thing I need to work on most.”

Visual Learner? Stringing DVD!

For a limited time (until 12/21), you can get the most comprehensive DVD ever made on stringing for $20 (retail cost will be $30+) on my book fundraiser page. To give a few examples of how this video differs from the loads of YouTube videos and the previous DVD on stringing (Trevor Tierney’s – which I have watched in its entirety):

  • Tierney’s DVD was made up in one take in which Trevor strings a mesh pocket while sitting on a couch. If you’ve seen it, the script seems off his cuff and he only goes over how to string one style of pocket, with one style of sidewall, with no mention of finding the right pocket for you as a unique player.
  • The YouTube clips available are in the same vein; they show little tidbits into stringing, but will certainly not show you how to comprehend a pocket and the reasons behind stringing it a unique, personal way beyond just alluding to it.
  • Stringing Revolution is made of 20+ hours of footage edited down to about 2 hours. The script was written over the course of 5 months and the DVD will be broken down, by concept, into 10+ chapters; the chapters are meant to explain stringing a pocket from a basic conceptual level down to the technical details – this includes on field demonstrations relating pockets to your position and style of play. The DVD will be edited with graphics, by a professional video editor, to highlight specific subjects and be portrayed in the most digestible way possible.