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Since I lived in the DC Metro Area (DMV = DC, Maryland, Virginia) for over 4 years, this was a nice and easy trip. Again, the trip was filled with generosity and lots of eager young laxers! After a bus trip out of NYC that was delayed (that’s 2 for 2 on delays, haha), I managed to get a bit of reading, writing and sleeping in on my bus trip and arrived to my buddy’s place in Virginia around 11 PM.

Getting started, and one of the few times the workshop is not totally hands-on.

Getting started, and one of the few times the workshop is not totally hands-on.

My buddy, Alex, and I went to college together, but became close after working at a lax store together. He played JV lax for a year (and was pretty terrible at it, I hear) but, after I taught him, he became one of best stringers at the shop; probably the architect in him. After a quick catch up, I was off to bed so I could prepare for a big day of new and old friends, family and lacrosse.


Full house in Frederick (and more awkward hand motions)!

My sister was awesome enough to make the trip up from Charlottesville, VA, where she is an athletic director and head lacrosse coach for Tandem Friends School; lacrosse in our family started in our generation! We picked up a couple younger laxers that I knew from coaching to help us out and made our way up to Frederick, MD. So many kids signed up that day or walked up that I nearly ran out of mesh…err, or I actually did run out, and am shipping a fresh kit to someone this week, haha, oops (she was gracious).


Just finishing off the old topstring before we get into the thick of it: sidewalls.

I had a bunch of helpers, young and old, who were focused and made this session really informative and creative. I had a chance to partner up with a fellow Rochdale Lacrosse Club alumni as well; RLC is the club we both joined in Manchester during our stays in the UK in 2006/7 and 2008/9, respectively. Shout out to Sam, Alex, Chris, Ryan, Matt, Matt, Mark and Erik – your help was appreciated by all the players and parents alike.

We used a range of mesh from Canadian (Super), hard and 6D, provided by, the Canadian mesh has been a hit. We ended the workshop at 4, then had a special guest in Jimmy Dailey from Trilogy Lacrosse for a 1 hour clinic, where we got to test out the newly strung pocket. Some were better than others, but we had time enough me to address and comment on those sticks which were not right. After giving out an OG by means of a handstand contest, we were off.

Photo Feb 23, 14 04 23

Mark and I, the Rochdale alums, stringing in plaid.

The next day was mild in comparison. My buddy Leon joined me to learn in both classes, each of which had only one other student, so they got extra attention and pizza; we had a fun time, for sure. Fritz and Jacob – you guys are righteous, and smart. On the way out of Madlax, where I held the workshops (thanks again!), I met a few stringers in Calvin and Michael.

Next, back to NYC on the bus; I slept the entire way, barring a few minutes on the either end of each stop we made. I’ll be putting up a Facebook album in the next day or two, so stay Liked and tuned, if you like.

This weekend (Thursday night), I am off to Austin and Houston to teach 5 workshops! Share to other Texans if ya know em! They can register here: - cheers!


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