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How We and TV Make Touchy Referees

3 - Published May 14, 2013 by in College, High School, Youth

Imagine the whole realm of sports is blazing arms to prevent concussions, then imagine you are a referee for an important, televised NCAA Division 1 men’s playoff lacrosse game who is trying to their job, in front of thousands upon thousands of fans, coaches who know how to work the former statement to their benefit, and lacrosse analysts of all levels looking for falsities and inconsistencies in what you do…

Coaching Observations: Fundamentals set stage for the extraordinary.

2 - Published May 1, 2013 by in College, High School, Youth

The more a player feels sound in his fundamentals, the more that player will feel comfortable doing the extraordinary.

Shooting Revolution: Video Review! 1st of Series.

0 - Published March 27, 2013 by in College, High School, Youth

Video review for the new Shooting Revolution DVD by, who I am working with to produce Stringing Revolution. All the ups, downs and not-sures captured! See the why and how.

NCAA Division 1 Poll: Useless Now?

0 - Published March 25, 2013 by in College

We love polls, but why? This spring they might be a bit useless, it seems. So why do we still care so much?

Hilarious Comparison to Driving in NCAA Memorandum, and Stringing Update

1 - Published February 6, 2013 by in College, Stick Tech, String Jobs

A hilarious comparison to driving in the NCAA Rules Memorandum on restarts, and a very notable update to the stringing regulations!

A Different Kind of Throwback Thursday

0 - Published January 31, 2013 by in College, High School, Pro, Youth

When you have an inspired thought, you MUST act on it.

Should the MLL and LXM PRO follow suit?

22 - Published January 27, 2013 by in College, Pro, Stick Tech, String Jobs

This question was sparked in my mind from the continuing conversation on the NCAA stick stringing regulations; it got me thinking – why is it less stringent for players who are supposed to be the best players in the world than for college kids?

Lax Convention Intention to Action

1 - Published January 14, 2013 by in College, High School, Interviews

The challenge, after the lax convention idea-sharing bonanza, is putting these amazing ideas and intentions into action.

Details of a Stringing Workshop

11 - Published January 9, 2013 by in College, High School, String Jobs, Youth

Every player will leave with a strung lacrosse head, the knowledge to tweak that pocket and to string a pocket from scratch. Throughout the entire workshop, students will have access to a number of stringers, young and old, that will be able to assist them and give some personal insight into what they like and why….click on through for more details.

NCAA Stringing Rules Mostly Affect Shooting

13 - Published December 18, 2012 by in College, Stick Tech, String Jobs

Inspired by the excellent post and commentary in Connor’s post “Is It Time to Stop Complaining Yet,” let me tell you why I think the new rules will have a larger impact on shooting than any part of the game, and how this will ultimately change NCAA lacrosse in the near future more than any other affects caused by the rule changes.