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Wheaties, Nike, Red Bull, Oh My!

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Since Paul Rabil was dubbed ‘The Million Dollar Man’ in lacrosse a few months ago, and in light of the recent Pannell sponsorship contract with Wheaties, I have been urged internally to bring some awareness to the subjects of player sponsorship, what it does for the sport and what it means for people in general.

Dhambus village, Pokhara.

Nepal: Amazing Energy Everywhere.

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Namaste, namaskar, ciao, hello, good day; it’s good to be back. After finally mustering up the time to do something else besides look at beautiful scenery, enjoy temples and local folks, and write my book, here I am, to tell you of some of my experience in Nepal.


D-Mid made cool? Shiners help Princeton lose?

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D-Middies Made Cool Something has happened this year that no upstanding offensive player of my time would ever admit: d-mid is now a cool position – this has been solidified by players like Hawkins (Loyola), Creighton (UNC) and Ianzito (Syracuse) with the introduction of the new rules, which encourages and rewards teams for pushing the […]

Help pencil.

I need your help! 3 days remain.

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With 3 days remaining, I am asking the LaxAllStars and lacrosse community’s help in a few ways; I hope you’ll consider helping me, as my intentions are for helping people feel confident in themselves and be better lacrosse players and people.


Happy birthday, to me, by me & a history of #zenlax

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My biggest goal with Zen, Lacrosse and the Art of Stringing is to bring power back to the individual and show that something, which has been deemed as infinitely complex and only for ‘stringers’ whose ability to comprehend such things as pockets is greater than the average man, can be totally comprehendible by all, with […]