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It’s all about the kids! More kids play lacrosse today than ever before. Our sport is quickly becoming the #1 choice for young athletes.

Zen. Lax. Lacrosse. How Do You Open Practice Every Day?

0 - Published March 10, 2014 by in High School, String Jobs, Youth

Welcome to the first edition of ‘Zen. Lax. Lacrosse.’, which is a vegged-up version of Zen, Lacrosse and the Art of Stringing. This rebranded and refocused version of my LAS blog encompasses the gamut of lacrosse, but from a totally unique and open viewpoint; asking the hard questions with the utmost of honesty, diving deep into the intentions behind our actions and providing some fun, fascinating and fresh, perhaps a bit funky, ideas on personal and team growth as a coach, player or fan are the way this blog intends to serve you.

How We and TV Make Touchy Referees

3 - Published May 14, 2013 by in College, High School, Youth

Imagine the whole realm of sports is blazing arms to prevent concussions, then imagine you are a referee for an important, televised NCAA Division 1 men’s playoff lacrosse game who is trying to their job, in front of thousands upon thousands of fans, coaches who know how to work the former statement to their benefit, and lacrosse analysts of all levels looking for falsities and inconsistencies in what you do…

Coaching Observations: Fundamentals set stage for the extraordinary.

2 - Published May 1, 2013 by in College, High School, Youth

The more a player feels sound in his fundamentals, the more that player will feel comfortable doing the extraordinary.

Shooting Revolution: Video Review! 1st of Series.

0 - Published March 27, 2013 by in College, High School, Youth

Video review for the new Shooting Revolution DVD by, who I am working with to produce Stringing Revolution. All the ups, downs and not-sures captured! See the why and how.

Pocket compromise: VIDEO

3 - Published February 7, 2013 by in High School, Stick Tech, String Jobs, Youth

When figuring out what kind of pocket you want to string in your stick, you really need to set a priority list on what you want that pocket to do for you.

A Different Kind of Throwback Thursday

0 - Published January 31, 2013 by in College, High School, Pro, Youth

When you have an inspired thought, you MUST act on it.

Spirals Warm Up Drill

0 - Published January 18, 2013 by in High School, Youth

Check out the Spirals warm up drill. It’s a great way to get your kids moving, thinking and warmed up, all ready to go, both in mind and body!

Details of a Stringing Workshop

11 - Published January 9, 2013 by in College, High School, String Jobs, Youth

Every player will leave with a strung lacrosse head, the knowledge to tweak that pocket and to string a pocket from scratch. Throughout the entire workshop, students will have access to a number of stringers, young and old, that will be able to assist them and give some personal insight into what they like and why….click on through for more details.

Max Seibald speaks…

0 - Published December 4, 2012 by in College, High School, Interviews, Pro, Stick Tech, String Jobs, Youth

…about how Zen, Lacrosse and the Art of Stringing will make you a “whole lot better lacrosse player.”

Create more, and better.

0 - Published November 30, 2012 by in College, High School, Youth

You ultimately win the game when your creations cannot be effectively reacted to; if you’re always creating, you’ll have the opposing team reacting more than creating for themselves.