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Traditional Thursday: Prevention and A Pass On

0 - Published December 26, 2013 by in Stick Tech, String Jobs

Traditional Thursday, this week, is about honing in a few of the finer details of stringing a traditional. For those of you who have followed my stringing a bit, which is mostly on my Instagram account, you know that I do mostly single-string regular traditionals, but that does not mean I do not add some ‘custom’ features. These adjustments that I’ve made are an attempt to confront real pocket issues by slight modification. I’ll note what the issue may be, then what was done to alleviate it. Try some.

This next picture shows the bottom of the pocket where, in some traditional pockets, the crosslace gets too tight, so the ball does not sit well when held vertically. Extra attention to the crosslace tension near the bottom of the pocket is the method of improvement. At first, it doesn’t matter as much how much tension is let out, but that it is consistent horizontally across the diamonds in the pocket. So if you’re going to have diamonds too small or too large before you get the right tension, at least it will be tension-symmetrical horizontally.

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This one isn’t so much as a trick but a technique passed down through the ages. Jesse Hubbard showed me this shooter that he used on all his traddies. It gives some real pop to the ball, so look out and really play with the tension to make sure it’s just right. Two times laid on the back, then wrapped around the leathers in the front will do it.

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Back to some traditional issues solved: double interlocks, when sidewall hole size allows, keeps the sidewalls in place better than single interlocks, especially when you like the attach the shooter to the sidewall (pictured). For traditional shooters, I usually put the top one or two shooters through the actual sidewall of the head and the bottom one or two shooters around just the sidewall string, so they can sway with the ball and pocket a bit more.

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Dropped inside leathers create instant channel. This is done by simply switching how the interlock on the remove-able topstring is first started. On the bottom interlock in the picture, closest to the sidewall, we can see that the topstring was sent through the face of the head on first go, then through the leather, then through the back of the head. The next interlock is done opposite. Now the two inside leathers will sit a bit lower from the top down, which helps to channel the ball, especially on wider heads like the Evo4X (shown here).

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Here’s the final product. College legal; college ready; #zenlax approved. The pocket will have good hold throughout once broken in and have good snap off the top shooter. This is meant to have enough hold while carrying, but is really tailored to a finisher trying to get the ball back out quick. 6 diamonds is the perfect balance of hold and snap for inside/outside shooters. Feel free to comment or email with any questions or whatever you like. Until next time, namaste.

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