With your own two hands; video update.

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I’ll admit it – until about three months ago, I wrote exclusively in print, but mostly on a computer; this is normal for the times, so I didn’t think much of it. Then, as I began to appreciate some of the smaller things, words especially, I wanted what I wrote not only to mean something, but flow onto the page from my hand; cursive, when I was using pen and paper, seemed like the only option.

Think about it: when is the last time, with a pen and paper, that you wrote something to somebody, or just wrote something down for yourself? Maybe I am mistaken in saying that it probably isn’t as often as it once was or that it does not happen very much at all, but I do not think so.

As much as I can get caught in ‘writer’s focus’ on a computer screen, it’s just not as frequent as when I am using my hands, especially when I am trying to be creative and let the ideas flow. The amazing thing about working with both your hands and your mind, with both being almost completely occupied, is how you can remain focused in that task with minimal effort sometimes. This is probably the exact same reason I enjoy stringing sticks as much as I do; you can’t help but only do just that (stringing a stick), and be in every moment.

Also, handwriting something for someone does show care and attention; the thing I notice most is spellcheck – I couldn’t believe how it made me really have to stop and think a few times. I was recently asked to write a recommendation for a player of mine who is applying to some different private high schools; after three drafts, I have a finished product.

Staying in straight lines was the hardest part, and staying focused on my cursive; it is not ninja level, yet.

I hope everyone can find some things in their lives where thoughts are only focused on one task, and one alone; this is becoming a harder thing to achieve with feeds of all sorts to view (as I write for one), but it can be done.

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