Workshops across the USA in a pickup truck: 6/16 to 7/10, then to Asia.

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Well, it seems as if traveling across the country on the open road is coming to fruition; all thanks to everyone! If you’ve kept up a little bit on my stringing tour, you’ll know that I had to fly around this spring to all the locations where I held my stringing workshops, due to not being able to leave my 9 to 5 just yet!

Before doing a post about the latter parts of my journey, where I’ll be going to Nepal and India to help some people, teach lacrosse and finish the book, I wanted to give a quick itinerary, in case anyone would like to join me for a workshop, or invite me to their area to teach a workshop. Look out for updates from @billiamwin3 on the LaxAllStars homepage and @zenlaxstring on the ZenLaxString page:


6/18 5-7:30 PM @ Lacrosse Lounge (mesh)

Email for details on registration – limited spots available.


6/28-7/1 Zenlax & Chillax Customs workshop near Dallas and Fort Worth, TX (3 mesh, maybe 1 trad)

Register here: Chillax Customs – 4 dates and times to choose.


7/2 3-5:30 PM @ Arctic Edge in OKC (mesh)

Register here: 801 Lacrosse – opportunity for open box play in same location and right after the workshop!

We’ve been kicking some ideas around and are thinking about doing a couple cool things along the way: drop-offs for traditionals for Billy to string on the road, #stringyourown vlogs with players across the country, spreading the news that the Stringing Revolution video series just released on and on DVD in stores VERY soon [now for some, Monday for others] (Tribal West, East Coast Dyes, Stringer’s Shack) and the expected shenanigans that go along with driving across our massive country. IDEAS ARE WELCOME! Happy to help when we can, too!

I hope I’ll get to catch up with y’all along the ride – more to come on California, India and Nepal. Happy stringing, and it’s never too late to #stringyourown with the right guidance.


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